Visual RepresentationsVisual Representations

Drawing and other visual representations offer a formative assessment that allows the student to think at a higher level critically while being creative at the same time. 

Mind MappingMind Mapping can be as simple as using drawings, photos or pictures from a magazine to represent a specific content. 
(Click on image to the right to get an ida of visual representation.)


  Verbal and Visual Word AssociationVerbal and Visual Word Association (VVWA) (Eeds & Cockrum, 1985) helps the visual learner make personal associations to remember vocabulary later. 

Blank VVWA Chart   (click the image to the right for a larger example)

Word CloudsWord Clouds can help students think about a concept and write words and phrases that capture that concept... OR, take a block of text and let the word cloud pull out the important words - then, analyze from there.  (click image to enlarge)
9 Word Cloud Generators          ... and Wordle 
101 Ways to use a Word Cloud

Physical ModelPhysical Models engage students in constructing models that help them explain how a mechanism or system works and helps them understand and make predictions about phenomena.  Great for investigation.  (click on image to enlarge)