Practice summarizing with these three activities.

Webster's calls a summary the "general idea in brief form"; it's the distillation, condensation, or reduction of a larger work into its primary notions.

What usually happens when students summarize?
(, 2012)

  • they write down everything
  • they write down next to nothing
  • they give me complete sentences
  • they write way too much
  • they don't write enough
  • they copy word for word

Interactive Lesson on Summary Writing; Wisc-Online

Summary Writing; Drew University On-Line Resources for Writers; CCL
What do you want to summarize?  Here is a great resource on summarizing tips for:

* daily life

* reader's summary

* summary-outline

* summary essay

* peer assessment of summary

Summary:  Using it Wisely; The Writing Center, University of North Carolina Arts & Sciences
This handout will help distinguish between summary an analysis giving guidelines and examples.

Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing; OWL Purdue University
What are the differences?  What is the purpose?