Algebra II A 4th periof Exit ticket

Child wrote two things she learned in today's class

Exit Slips

...are written responses to questions the teacher poses at the end of a lesson or a class to assess student understanding of key concepts.  They should take no more than 5 minutes to complete and are taken up as students leave the classroom.  The teacher can quickly determine which students have it, which ones need a little help, and which ones are going to require much more instruction on the concept.  By assessing the responses on the Exit Slips the teacher can better adjust the instruction in order to accommodate students' needs for the next class.

Use Exit Tickets at the end of class to:

  • Check students' understanding by having them summarize key points from the lesson
  • Verify that students can solve a problem or answer a significant question based on the lesson
  • Emphasize the essential question for the day's lesson
  • Have students ask questions they still have about the lesson
  • See if students can apply the content in a new way
  • Formulate guided groups for students who did not demonstrate understanding after the lesson
  • Create extensions for students who demonstrate mastery after the lesson

Admit slips are exactly like Exit Slips, but they are done prior to or at the beginning of the class.  Students may be asked to reflect on their understanding of their previous night's homework, or they may reflect on the previous day's lesson if the question required a longer response time. Exit and Admit Slips can be used in all classes to integrate written communication into the content area.

Use a Google Form to collect quick data in an exit ticket.

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