Office of the Superintendent

Mr. Mitch Mawhorter

PCSC Letterhead with  My name is Mitch Mawhorter, and I am very proud to be the Superintendent of Plymouth Community School Corporation!  Plymouth is the first place in my educational career where the name of the city is the same as the school’s.  This is why I’m excited to be here.  I’m anxious to be a part of a community!   The community-feeling is especially seen when attending events like the Blueberry Festival as well as many school events.  Plymouth Community School Corporation is sprinkled everywhere throughout the community.  Centennial Park houses our varsity baseball and softball fields along with the tennis courts.  The swimming pool is shared between the community and the school.  The community is one with the school, and they go together like a hand and glove.  This type of connection is not typical of most schools making Plymouth very unique.  Plymouth is a community of great potential for growth in both educational and economical opportunities. Our corporation plans to be the hub for students, gaining the tools necessary to acquire good jobs in our own area.  We want to be a destination for our students, a place they can always call home.  I look forward to continuing to get to know you and the community.  The possibilities are endless!  Sincerely,  Mitch Mawhorter

                      Mr. Mawhorter's Message