Administration Office Duties

Mitch Mawhorter, Extension 8023
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Jill VanDriesscheExtension 8018
Assistant Superintendent
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Members of the Media:

Plymouth Community School Corporation welcomes members of the media into our schools and strives to provide the most accurate and timely information available. News media will not be allowed on any corporation property without prior consent from the Plymouth Community School Corporation. Media inquiries should be sent to Lauren LaFaive, Director of Communications and Marketing, at [email protected], or by phone at (574) 780-9998. 


Beth Mangus, Extension 8022
Human Resource Specialist
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I can contact Beth for a question about ...

  • Insurance (medical, dental, vision, cancer, life, disability, etc.)
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Family Medical Leave and/or Leave of Absence
  • My VEBA (Security Benefit)
  • My PERF and/or TRF (Public and/or Teacher Retirement)
  • A Criminal History Background Check (Applitrack)
  • ParaPro Testing (pertains to teacher aides)
  • Documents in Personnel Files
  • A document to be notarized (free of charge)

Office duties sticky notes

Robin Davidson, Extension 8020
Executive Assistant to Superintendent
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I can contact Robin for...

  • Questions about School Board Meetings including agenda additions
  • Questions about School Board Policies and Guidelines
  • Questions about  teacher licensing
  • Questions about School Messenger
  • Questions about the posting of open positions in Applitrack and on job boards
  • Follow up questions pertaining to open positions
  • Questions about Blue Sheets
  • Student teacher or student intern requests
  • Questions about BHC student demographic information and billing
  • Additions to the secretary meeting agenda
  • Questions about expanded background checks - backup for Lisa Huff
  • Transfer (non-resident) student enrollment questions

Steven Boyer, Extension 8021
Business Manager | Treasurer
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I can contact Steven for...

NOTE:  After supervisor approval, all requisitions go to Business Manager.

  • A document to be notarized (free of charge)
  • A corporation and/or grant budget question
  • Backup for the following central office business personnel:
    • Beth Mangus
    • Brittany Sabinas
    • Lisa Huff
  • A payroll question - as backup to Annette Hodges

Annette Hodges, Extension 8019
Payroll Specialist

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I can contact Annette for...

  • NOTE:  After supervisor approval, all conference request forms go to Annette Hodges.
  • A question regarding my paycheck
  • A question regarding my time sheet
  • A question regarding jury duty
  • A question regarding leave days (personal/sick/conference, etc.)
  • A question regarding AESOP
  • A question regarding my Permission to Attend Conference Form
  • A question regarding eFunds - the online textbook rental payment program
  • A question regarding my teacher contract
  • A question regarding my ECA contract

Lisa Huff, Extension 8017
Business Office Assistant
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I can contact Lisa for...

  • Scheduling a rental vehicle for a conference when a corp vehicle is not available thru InfoFinder
  • A question regarding applications and postings
  • A question regarding AESOP
  • A student activity request (within the State of Indiana)
  • Computer damage billing questions
  • Questions regarding status of sub or volunteer's criminal background search &/or application
  • SchoolMessenger Information - backup for Robin Davidson
  • School Board Agenda Items - backup for Robin Davidson
  • A question regarding approval for community flyers
  • Scheduling Board Conference Room
  • Processing Work Permits (when PHS is not available)
  • Directing me to appropriate personnel
  • General school corporation questions

Brittany Sabinas, Extension 8011
Accounts Payable 
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I can contact Brittany for...

  • A question regarding reimbursement for expenses incurred during a conference
  • A question regarding reimbursement for mileage or mileage reimbursement rate
  • An invoice that needs to be paid by school corporation funds
  • Scheduling a rental vehicle for a conference when a corp vehicle is not available thru InfoFinder - backup for Lisa Huff

Erica McIntire, Extension 8014
Executive Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent
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I can contact Erica for...

  • Questions about testing and assessments
  • Questions about textbooks or curriculum
  • Questions about professional development
  • Questions about Instructional tools and programs
  • Questions about grant management
  • Questions about school and district-wide data
  • Questions about student discipline management

Directions for Instructional Supply Orders (Requisitions):

Number 1

Permission from building principal.
Requisition Form

  • Do not fill out forms  in browser
  • Download all forms before filling out
  • Reopen all forms in Adobe - not preview app

Number 2

Steven Boyer,
Business Manager, approves.

Number 3

Lisa Huff,
Business Office Assistant, processes by entering into PCSC computer system and sending to appropriate vendor for purchase of item(s).

Number 4

Brittany Sabinas, Accounts Payable Specialist, pays the invoice.

OdometerAs of Jan 1, 2023
Mileage reimbursement will be 65¢ per mile.