Students studying togetherPeer & Self Assessment

 A tool designed to facilitate the constructive feedback that students give to and receive from their peers that can enhance their comprehension of the subject material and provide valuable insights into their own efforts.

  • The instructor must explain expectations clearly to them before they begin.
  • A practice session where the instructor provides a sample writing assignment and assess it together.
  • Having rubrics or a checklist can be helpful, but regardless, some type of guideline for assessment is necessary. (Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything; Assessment and Rubrics)
  • Sometimes it is a learning experience to involve the learners in setting assessment criteria.
  • Reflection on own learning and performance is a self assessment in itself.

Peer Assessment - Cornell University Center for Teaching Excellence

Examples of Peer and Self Assessments


Two Stars and a Wish
Identify two things the author did well (stars) and one specific suggestion for improvement (the wish).

Two stars and a wish

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As I See It
Focuses on students' thinking on their own knowledge or opinions.

Create sentence stems

Personal Statements

When I read this, I imagine that...
I was most impacted by...

Explanatory Statements

The angle changes because...

Prediction Statements

Based on the data, I predict

Confusion Declarations

After today, I am still confused about...

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Peet Editing Checklist