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Checking for understanding is a great way to find out where your students are at, and there are several formative ways to check for understanding that have been proven to work in any classroom.

Algebra II 4th period Exit ticketGoogle Forms Create an exit ticket or a short quiz form to check for understanding.  It is quick, easy, and gathers info all in one place to view quickly
How to create a Google Form:
How to Use a Google Form




from papers to computerFlubaroo - Will grade the Google Form answers - Here's an overview:



Today's meet logoToday's Meet is a backchannel that allows a conversation to go on right in front of the class.  Takes less than a minute to create with a simple open ended question.

  • Great for feedback to find out what needs to be clarified.
  • Gives the student a voice ,anonymous or otherwise, to participate in both asking questions without embarrassment.
  • Students or teachers can answer questions posted.  Great to log participation.
  • Efficient way to post pinions, evidence, facts, or resources to a class.



Socrative logoSocrative - online student response - Socrative takes teachers 3 minutes to set up and takes their classes 20 seconds to load. So easy. So fast.



Poll Everywhere logoPoll Everywhere lets you engage your audience or class anywhere in real time.


Voicethread is a secure collaborative network designed for the K-12 academic environment.  Using one simple tool, educators and students can collaborate around almost any type of media via voice, text, Webcam and drawing commentary, all within a secure environment.            
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Actual Examples of VoiceThreads for Education

100 Ways to Use VoiceThread
26 Ways to Use VoiceThread