Protocols create a process for teams to look at different perspectives, new insights, and new ideas without the risk of being beaten down by traditions. Protocols build in a space for listening, and often give people a license to listen, without having to continually respond. ( 2011)

Protocol Resources
This site offers background and examples of how to implement protocols in your professional learning community or classroom, along with specific protocols to guide your shared work. The above link provides examples, resources, and guides on how to get started using these protocols.

Three Levels of Protocol
To deepen understanding of a text and explore implications for participants’ work.

Save the last Word for Me
To clarify and deepen our thinking about articles we read.

Four "A"s Text Protocol
Assumptions - Agreement - Argument - Aspiration

Text Based Seminar
Text-Based Seminar facilitator has two primary tasks:  posing the framing question and keeping the group focused without pushing any particular agenda.

Microlabs - A "Discussion / Questioning" protocol
To address a specific sequence of questions in a structured format with small groups, using active listening skills.