Mission Statement

Plymouth schools commit to doing whatever it takes to maximize
academic and social achievement of every individual
as measured by state and community standards.

Core Values

Commitment to Students

  • We see that decisions are based on what is best for students.
  • We do whatever it takes.
  • We utilize strategies that work.


  • We respect and nurture one another.
  • We value individual diversity.
  • We demonstrate compassion, empathy, and tolerance.

High Expectations

  • We have a challenging curriculum.
  • We differentiate instruction.
  • We communicate expectations.
  • We prepare students to compete globally.

Team Player

  • We make time to collaborate.
  • We work cooperatively for the good of the whole.
  • We help others in times of need.
  • We embrace diverse thoughts and ideas.
  • We build positive relationships.


  • We follow through.
  • We are accountable / dependable.
  • We are honest with one another.
  • We behave honorably.


  • We celebrate success.
  • We actively engage students in the classroom.
  • We provide positive feedback..
  • We promote a sense of belonging