Mr. Scott Retires from PHS

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After Serving More Than Four Decades in Education, John Scott Retires from Plymouth Schools

Although wearing multiple hats while working for Plymouth Community School Corporation, the hat undoubtedly most will always remember him wearing is the Plymouth High School Athletics as the boisterous public address announcer for the PHS Football games for 23 years stemming from 1996 to 2019. Scott became a full-time employee in the PHS Athletic office in 2012, where he remained for 7.5 years until his official retirement earlier this year on January 2nd when he officially retired from Plymouth schools. He began his career at PCSC in August of 1979 as a teacher at Jefferson Elementary School, throughout his 33-year span of teaching he also taught science at Lincoln Junior High.

Scott’s 40-year plus career not only shows his passion for educating students but also his passion for coaching students as well. Some of his notable coaching positions include but are not limited to the following athletic programs/coaching positions:

  • 1979-81 - Jefferson fifth grade basketball 
  • 1981-86 - PHS - freshmen basketball coach A & B 
  • 1986-01 - PHS - JV basketball coach  
  • 2001-09 - PHS - varsity assistant basketball coach 
  • 2002-03 - LJHS - Athletic Director 
  • 2007-08 - PHS - varsity head basketball coach

From 2001 to 2019, Scott was also the public address announcer for Plymouth High School baseball. He is proud of the fact he was the voice of both sports, football, and baseball, for so many years. During his 23-year tenure of delivering the action of Rockie football games at the Rockpile, he holds an impressive record of never missing a football game.

Plymouth High School Principal Jim Condon said, “Mr. Scott has dedicated his professional career to the students of Plymouth Community School Corporation and the city of Plymouth. I cannot express how thankful I am for all that Mr. Scott has done. In addition, he will always be remembered as a cornerstone of PHS Big Red Athletics.”

Plymouth High School Athletic Director Michael Delp said, “Mr. Scott was my fifth-grade Elementary Teacher at Jefferson, my JV Basketball Coach, and most recently my mentor in the PHS athletic office. In every case, you could count on Mr. Scott to be professionally prepared in everything he did. He loves kids and has served our community as very few have before him. There are the hours of service that many people saw and know, but those are just a fraction of the hours he spent serving the Big Red. He has been a servant leader who easily could have left to be a teacher, head coach, and/or athletic director somewhere else. He instead chose to stay and be committed to the Big Red. His positive impact on our school, athletic programs, and student-athletes will be felt for years to come. I am very grateful for both his mentorship and friendship.” 

Plymouth High School Teacher and Head Football Coach John Barron said, "It'll be first and 10 Rrrrrrrrockies!" will forever be talked about by our opponents/fans. I have seen it discussed on many message boards out there, listened to coaches complain about it for over two decades at NLC coaches meetings. It was a great "home field advantage" to motivate our players to get first downs, and, sadly, it will never be the same! Thank you, John, for everything you have done for our students and community!”

David McKenzie, a Plymouth High School English & Speech Teacher, said, “Once the voice of the "Rockies,” always the voice of the Rockies! John Scott has a distinctive voice, cadence, and pro-Plymouth style that is the model for other announcers. Just ask our opponents! I have a friend who teaches at Concord. He goes to almost all home and away games for the Minutemen and announces games and matches for several sports at Concord. He identifies Plymouth as the school where the announcer (John Scott) makes a real difference. He told me that Concord players, coaches, and parents hate playing Plymouth teams when Mr. Scott is announcing. My friend said, “It’s demoralizing! His voice and repetition are kind of like listening to the USC Trojans fight song over and over during a USC football game. It’s maddening!” More than once I have heard it said that it is one of the best home-field advantages in the NLC, if not the entire northern part of the state.”

Plymouth High School Math Teacher Kasey James said, “I spent all four years of high school as a baseball press box worker under the supervision of Mr. Scott.  Sure, in those four years, I learned how to run the scoreboard and keep books. However, Mr. Scott was there for me as a mentor and has continued to do so. Mr. Scott is a testament in my life of how consistently choosing to be intentional and investing in our students impacts them for life. Heck, he even left his Florida vacation early to make sure he was back in Indiana to see me get married. Plymouth is a better place, Mr. Scott, because of how much you’ve poured into PCSC and our community. Congratulations! Enjoy a well-deserved retirement.”

Plymouth High School Teacher Lori McClellan said, “John Scott was my mentor teacher for student teaching, several years ago.  He was an inspiration to me and dedicated to helping me become a teacher.  He has always been there for me and been a strong support.  He is already missed in the athletic department and is the infamous voice of the Rockies!”

Plymouth High School Athletic Department John Scott 40.5(7.5 years athletics & 33 teaching) years! Congratulations on your retirement! photo and PHS ship logo