Faculty/Staff - Plymouth High School

Photo of Bryan Ames

Bryan Ames

Instrumental Music

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Photo of Bettie Awald

Bettie Awald

Director of Guidance, Guidance Counselor A-K

Hilary Barker

ENL Interventionist

Kelsey Beatty

Physical Therapist Assistant

Amy Bliss

Cafeteria Cashier

Shari Bloom

CTE Business Teacher

Shannon Borem

Cafeteria Cashier

Jaime Bradley

Corporation Aide

Photo of Glenda Bright

Glenda Bright

Assistant Head Cook

Photo of Gina Brown

Gina Brown

Safety Monitor

Dana Bush

CTE Health Science

Tracy Campbell


Cindy Capron

CTE Health Occupations

Hope Carter

Information Literacy Assistant

Photo of Haley Church
Photo of Tyler Ciboch

Tyler Ciboch

Language Arts

Photo of James Condon

James Condon


Brenton Corbett

Athletic Coordinator

Brett Creighbaum

Corporation Aide

Sheila Davis

Language Arts

Photo of Michael Delp

Michael Delp

Athletic Director

Daniel Demont

Building Trades

Joshua Dingeldein

Language Arts

Jennifer Dorrel

Physical Therapist Assistant

Angela Drake

Cafeteria Cashier

Photo of Katie Duran

Katie Duran

Alternative School Instructor at LEC

Chris Eaton

Occupational Therapist Assistant

Ashley Edington

Biology & Earth Science Teacher

Photo of Lynette Edmiston

Krista Everdon

Special Education Aide

Ben Fager


Photo of Jane Faulstich

Jane Faulstich


Photo of Melissa Faulstich

Melissa Faulstich

Social Studies

Jeremy Fear


Photo of Jennifer Felke

Jennifer Felke

Director of Career and Technical Education

Photo of Kelsey Flynn

Kelsey Flynn

College and Career Center Coordinator

Maranda Fockler

Special Education Aide-Intense Interventions

Courtney Fuchs

Occupational Therapist

Photo of Delia Gadziola

Delia Gadziola

ELL Instructor/Spanish

Elizabet Gallardo

Financial Secretary

Photo of Phyllis Gault

Phyllis Gault

Alternative High School

Sarah Goodwin

BHC Interventionist

Joel Grindle

Credit Recovery

Photo of Mei Guan

Mei Guan


Adam Handley

Department Chairperson - Health/PE Teacher

Photo of Faith Hansen

Natalie Hart

Agriculture Teacher

Photo of David Hatcher

David Hatcher

Social Studies

Caitlin Herald

Special Education Aide - Intense Interventions

Photo of Traci Hilliard

Traci Hilliard

Guidance Secretary

Photo of Bridget Hite

Bridget Hite

School Resource Officer

Photo of Cindy Hite

Cindy Hite

Administrative Assistant

Sandra Holderread


Mary Holtrop


Sierra Holtsclaw

Special Education Aide

Photo of Craig Hopple

Craig Hopple

Alternative Education Teacher at LEC

Steven Hovermale

Health/Physical Education Teacher

Debra Howard


Ryan Humphrey


Kristen Jones

Special Education Administrative Assistant

Connie Jurov

Cafeteria Dishwasher

Photo of Jodi Kallenberg

Jodi Kallenberg


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Keri Karris

Safety Monitor/Temporary Aide

Photo of Scott Kaser

Scott Kaser

CNC Instructor

Photo of Taehyun Kim

Taehyun Kim

School Psychologist

Photo of Gwen Kriss

Gwen Kriss

Athletic Secretary

Photo of Laura Kruyer

Laura Kruyer

Social Studies

Aaron Letinski

Athletic Performance Instructor

Photo of Richard Lokun

Richard Lokun


Miriam Luva Martinez

Special Education Aide-Intense Interventions

Amy Mahan

Administrative Assistant

Janet Manuwal


Beth Marohn

Lunch Clerk/Receptionist

Brittany Marquardt

Brittany Marquardt

Social Worker

Photo of Josh Martin

Josh Martin

Assistant Principal

Photo of Lori McClellan

Lori McClellan

Earth & Space/Science

Larry McCollough

Career and Technical Education

Tanya McKee

Family and Consumer Science

Photo of David McKenzie

David McKenzie

Speech/Language Arts

Photo of Sarah McKenzie

Sarah McKenzie

Language Arts

Photo of John Mills

John Mills

Interventionist (ED)

Photo of Sara Morrow

Sara Morrow

Cafeteria Assistant Cook

Benjamin Nixon

ISS Aide

Photo of Curtis Nordmann
Photo of Kenneth Olson

Kenneth Olson

Assistant Principal

Yaritza Pena

Speech Language Pathologist Assistant

Phyllis Pier


Photo of Carin Plothow

Carin Plothow

Interventionist (MD)

Photo of Tony Plothow

Tony Plothow

Interventionist (LD)

Julia Polinski

Cafeteria Server

Ray Prado

Corporation Aide

Tammie Radican

Special Education Teacher - Applied Skills Classroom

Gunnar Rains

Math Teacher

Leigh Ramer

Biology Teacher

Photo of Janet Rearick

Janet Rearick

Health Aide

Photo of Kelly Reinholt

Kelly Reinholt

Interventionist (LD)

Photo of Wanda Rensberger

Wanda Rensberger


Photo of Norma Rodriguez

Norma Rodriguez

ENL Family Services Coordinator

Photo of Lindsay Rogers

John Rowe


Photo of Ryan Rust

Ryan Rust


Photo of Megan Schemenauer

Megan Schemenauer

Language Arts

Photo of Hannah Shipley

Hannah Shipley

Guidance Counselor L-Z

Jacob Singleton

Plymouth High School Principal

Photo of Gene Skirvin

Gene Skirvin

Business Education

Photo of Antonio Soria

Antonio Soria

Head Custodian

Tamara Southern

Head Cook

Daphne Stapleton

Special Education Aide-Intense Interventions

Photo of Julie Stauffer

Julie Stauffer

WSOI Guidance Counselor

Wanda Swihart


Andre Tchakerian

Social Studies

Photo of Charlotte Tyree

Charlotte Tyree


Photo of Ryan VanAntwerp

Ryan VanAntwerp

Vocal Music Teacher

Estefania Vargas

Special Education Aide

Yadira Vargas

Attendance Secretary

Shannon Verhaeghe


Jed Wandland


Donna Warren


Photo of Ben Waymouth

Ben Waymouth

Information Literacy Director

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Photo of Ryan Wolfe

Ryan Wolfe

Social Studies

Anna Wong

Special Education Aide-Intense Interventions

Michael Wraight

Industrial Technology

Byron Zentz