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Senior 21st Century Scholars:


We are so excited to share some information with you....

On Wednesday, September 7 we will be opening our new College & Career Resource Center housed in our WSOI space.  This will be a great place for you to get help with applications, resumes, financial aid, AND your 21st Century Scholarship requirements.

Remember that beginning with the Class of 2017, Scholars are required to complete the Scholar Success Program  (SSP) activities each year in order to maintain scholarship eligibility. Scholars must log in to ScholarTrack to track their progress.  Enrolled Scholars must first register for a ScholarTrack account before they are able to access their ScholarTrack portal. Unlike any older friends or siblings you may have, current seniors will no longer complete the senior affirmation. Completing all twelve SSP activities fulfills that requirement. 


21st Century Scholar Success Program Checklist

21st Century Scholar Success Program