Mr. Beguin Retires from PHS

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After 22 Years of Teaching Math at PHS, Dwight Beguin Retires

After 22 years of crunching numbers with high school students, PHS math teacher Dwight Beguin retired officially on June 4, of last year, right after the 2018-19 school year wrapped up.

Plymouth High School Teacher Lori McClellan said, “Dwight and I shared a lot of memories when I was in the same hall as him. He was a special mentor to my daughter, and I am eternally grateful for this. I have missed our chats this year, and have often walked by his room wishing he was still there.”

Plymouth High School Math Teacher Ryan Rust said, “Mr. Beguin spent nearly two decades in the PHS math department. He rarely missed a day of school. It was an honor to watch him care for his students daily. He left a legacy with many students.”  PHS Guidance Secretary Keshena Hunter said, “So many special things you have shared with my kids but I think my favorite is that you took the girls tennis team to the ER to see Nicole's plaque. That just seems so big in my mind. I miss seeing you in the hallways! I hope you and Julie are enjoying every day!”

Throughout his time at PHS he was nominated for the TCU Teacher of the Month recognition where students nominate a teacher for their positive actions in the classroom. Below are some of the student nomination entries Beguin received that PHS would like to share to help paint the picture of what kind of teacher Mr. Beguin was to the students of PHS. PHS sophomore Alexa Esquivel said, “when I have a bad day his jokes and the way he teaches the class always makes my day so much better. I love math and being in his class. I love learning in his class and expanding my knowledge in math.” PHS sophomore Taryn Kuskye said, “ He’s creative with lesson plans. He's my favorite teacher and made math enjoyable.” 2020 PHS graduating senior Olivia Waymouth said, “Mr. Beguin is a great teacher. I always laugh in his class and despite the fact that it's math, I always manage to have fun in his class." Fernanda Arroyo, PHS sophomore, said, “Mr. Beguin is always positive, he makes class fun and gives us time to work. He makes math class so much more fun but is still within the topic. He cares about his students and he is very respectful."

Plymouth High School Math Teacher Dwight Beguin 22 years! Congratulations on your retirement! photo and PHS ship logo