Fan Bus for Football Game

PHS Football Field image

We are two days away from our big sectional championship matchup at New Prairie. The Rockies have worked hard to put themselves in this moment and this game. We want to help provide the support and strength they need to bring the "ship" back to Plymouth. So, we are providing a fan bus for our students. In addition, we have a donor who would like to provide pizza for free for all those who travel on the bus.

Here is what the athletic department is asking students to do:

1. Log into your school Google account.

2. Visit this form:

3. Fill out the form and reserve your spot.

4. Come to the athletic office and purchase your ticket for $6.

Buying your ticket here will save you time standing in the long lines at the gate.

Bundle up and bring the noise on Friday night.

The bus will leave from the north doors (student parking lot door #5) on Friday night at 6 p.m. sharp.

The deadline for signing up will be the end of the school day on Friday. To be clear there is no cost for the fan bus or pizza, just your ticket. If you have any questions, feel free to email athletic director Michael Delp directly at mdelp@plymouth,