PCSC PRESS RELEASE - April 6, 2023

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Plymouth Community School Corporation is pleased to announce the appointment of Hope Amor as the new Jefferson Elementary School principal.

Hope is a seasoned administrator having held leadership positions with La Ville Elementary (principal), International School of Indiana (assistant principal), and Lewis Cass Elementary (assistant principal). Her leadership experience, her relentless pursuit for student excellence, and her eagerness to build staff and community relationships set her apart from the applicant pool.

Mrs. Amor is a multi-degreed professional and is currently pursuing her doctorate degree from Purdue University. She models that learning is lifelong and that education can change and will change one's life. Many have shared their high regard for Hope and her natural ability to lead a school. Hope champions a positive culture and is a leader that exemplifies care, empathy, and value. She is a visionary and is dedicated to high student achievement. Hope understands the elements of a quality curriculum and the impact teachers have on student performance. Hope takes the time to get to know everyone personally. She listens first and guides her response based on the needs of the individual. Hope is an asset to any team in any position, but her impact in a school is immeasurable.

Hope shared that she is excited to work with a team of administrators at the elementary level. She is looking forward to meeting with the staff individually soon and introducing herself to the Jefferson Jet families. Plymouth Community School Corporation welcomes Hope, her husband Nick, and their precious dog Bueler. We are honored to have her on our team.