PCSC Announces Retirees


Retiring during the 2019-20 school year are the following employees: Plymouth High School Math Teacher Dwight Beguin who announced his retirement right after the 2018-19 school year concluded, Riverside Cafeteria Server Cheryl Cook, who retired in April of this year along with her husband, PCSC Safety and Security Monitor Gary Cook. As for Menominee Elementary School Interventionists Charlene Hansen and Kathy Hunt, Lincoln Jr. High School Mass Media Teacher Paula Neidlinger and Riverside P.E. Teacher Tim Schmidt their official last day came at the end of May. Plymouth High School Athletic Department Aide John Scott officially retired at the beginning of the year on January 2nd.

Plymouth Community School Corporation thanks all nine retirees for their commitment and dedication to Plymouth students and Plymouth schools.

2019-20 Retirees Loretta Barr, Webster custodian 21 years, PHS Math Teacher Dwight Beguin 22 years, Cheryl Cook Riverside Cafeteria SErver 5 years, Gary Cook PCSC Safety & Security Monitor 6 years, Charlene Hansen Menominee Case Conference Coordinator 17 years photo not available, Kathy Hunt Menominee Interventionist 41 years, Paula Neidlinger LJHS Mass Media Teacher 28 years, Tim Schmidt Riverside Gym Teacher 39 years, John Scott PHS Athletics 7.5 athletics 33 years teaching 40.5 total years with photos of retirees