Administration Office Duties

Andy Hartley, Extension 8023
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Jill VanDriessche, Extension 8018
Assistant Superintendent
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Brooke Busse, Extension 8016
Director of Quality Programs
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Judi Lykowski, 574-914-4885
Cell Phone Number: 574-780-3394
PR Specialist


Staff Request for
Media Coverage Form

I can contact Judi about ...

  • Potential media publicity (TV, Radio and/or Newspaper)
  • Social Media publicity (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and/or Pinterest) 
  • If you would like to help post weekly on your school's social media account (Twitter, Facebook, and/or Pinterest) 
  • About a potential story students in the TV Broadcasting program can cover on PTV
  • An upcoming event you would like the media to know about
  • Posting a picture on our social media with a caption you took in your classroom 
  • If I was honored or recognized for something notable and/or outstanding education or career related news



Kristi Johnson, Extension 8017
Human Resource
Benefits Coordinator

I can contact Kristi for a question about ...

  • Insurance (medical, dental, vision, cancer, life, disability, etc.)
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Family Medical Leave and/or Leave of Absence
  • My VEBA (Security Benefit)
  • My 401A Annuity (MetLife)
  • My PERF and/or TRF (Public and/or Teacher Retirement)
  • A Criminal History Background Check (Applitrack)
  • ParaPro Testing (pertains to teacher aides)
  • Documents in Personnel Files


Paper Notepads

Robin Davidson, Extension 8020
Executive Assistant to Superintendent

I can contact Robin for...

  • Any question or any posting for the School Board Agenda
  • An Out-of-State and/ Overnight Student activity Request
  • SchoolMessenger Information
  • Posting an open position on Applitrack
  • BHC Student Questions
  • Any question or any posting for the secretary meetings
  • Processing of blue sheets

Vida Erickson, Extension 8010
Receptionist | Translator

I can contact Vida for...

  • Transfer (non-resident) student enrollment questions
  • A question regarding approval for community flyers
  • Translating newsletters and all correspondence sent home to Hispanic families
  • Scheduling Board Conference Room
  • Processing Work Permits (when PHS is not available)
  • Directing me to appropriate personnel
  • General school corporation questions

Wendy Haenes, Extension 8022
Deputy Treasurer | Payroll

I can contact Wendy for...

NOTE:  After supervisor approval, all conference request forms go to Wendy Haenes.

  • A question regarding my paycheck
  • A question regarding my time sheet
  • A question regarding jury duty
  • A question regarding leave days (personal/sick/conference, etc.)
  • A question regarding AESOP
  • A question regarding my teacher contract
  • A question regarding my ECA contract
  • A question regarding my Permission to Attend Conference Form
  • A document to be notarized (free of charge)
  • A question regarding eFunds - the online textbook rental payment program

Kristi Johnson, Extension 8019
Assistant Executive Secretary

I can contact Kristi for...

  • Scheduling a rental vehicle for a conference when a corp vehicle is not available thru InfoFinder
  • A question regarding applications and postings
  • A question regarding AESOP
  • A student activity request (within the State of Indiana)
  • Computer damage billing questions
  • Questions regarding status of sub or volunteer's criminal background search &/or application
  • SchoolMessenger Information - backup for Robin Davidson
  • School Board Agenda Items - backup for Robin Davidson

Brittany Sabinas, Extension 8011
Accounts Payable 

I can contact Brittany for...

  • A question regarding reimbursement for expenses incurred during a conference
  • A question regarding reimbursement for mileage or mileage reimbursement rate
  • An invoice that needs to be paid by school corporation funds
  • Scheduling a rental vehicle for a conference when a corp vehicle is not available thru InfoFinder - backup for Kristi Johnson

Kandi Tinkey, Extension 8021
Business Manager | Treasurer

I can contact Kandi for...

NOTE:  After supervisor approval, all requisitions go to Kandi Tinkey.

  • A document to be notarized (free of charge)
  • A corporation and/or grant budget question
  • Backup for the following central office business personnel:

* Wendy Haenes
* Brittany Sabinas
* Melanie Kujawski
• Kristi Johnson

  • A question regarding my teacher contract
  • A question regarding my ECA contract
  • A payroll question - as backup to Wendy Haenes

Directions for Instructional Supply Orders (Requisitions):


Permission from building principal.
Requisition Form
Do not fill out forms in browser
Download all forms before filling out
Reopen all forms in adobe - Not preview  App


Kandi Tinkey,
Business Manager, approves.


Kristi Johnson,
Asst. Exec. Secretary, processes by entering into PCSC computer system and sending to appropriate vendor for purchase of item(s).


Brittany Sabinas, Accounts Payable Specialist, pays the invoice.

MileageAs of January 1, 2018
Mileage reimbursement will be $.54 per mile.