Fun Facts

Mrs. Bramfeld-7th grade humanities


1. I taught Kindergarten in Greece

2. I have walked across Lake Max


Mrs. Corbett-7th grade science


1. I love to clean and organize cupboards.

2. I am in the middle of six kids and the middle of three girls.


Mr. Harter- 7th grade math


1. I earned my Eagle Scout from the Boy Scouts of America

2. I have met Craig Kimbrel of the Atlanta Braves.


Mr. Heeren-7th grade humanities


1. While visiting Antique Archaeology in LeClaire, Iowa, I met Mike and Frank from American Pickers.

2. I like to think that I could make it as a professional foosball player.  


Mrs. Barron-8th grade math


1. As a high school senior,  I won the state championship in volleyball and served the game-winning point.  I went on to play college volleyball & coach the sport at PHS and LJH.

2. I really wanted to be a cheerleader in junior high & high school, but never made the squad.  I was named “alternate” in both 7th & 8th grade, but unfortunately, no one ever broke a leg or moved away. Occasionally I dress up as one for the annual Monster Mash at LJH.


Mr. Garrity-8th grade science


1. Once spent 2 weeks in North Carolina camping and trapping black bears. We put radio collars on them and tracked them to determine their habitat range.

2. I have seen Zac Brown Band  9 times, 4 times leaning on the stage in the front row.


Mr. Singleton-8th grade Humanities


1. I love to play the guitar

2. I am a huge Colts fan


Mr. Winrotte-8th grade Humanities


1. I played two sports in college - Basketball and Baseball

2. I love to work on cars - My own and others