Andre Tchakerian

Social Studies

André Tchakerian has been with the corporation since 2022. He graduated from Oakland University in 1997 with his Bachelor's in Political Science. Afterwards, he joined the United States Army in 2002 and served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Thereafter, he pursed his dream to become a teacher and graduated with his Master's in the Arts of Teaching in 2011. He has been teaching ever since.

He started his teaching career in Indiana teaching social studies at Elkhart Memorial High School, then moved on to South Bend Community schools teaching middle school at Dickinson Fine Arts academy. He had always wanted to teach in Plymouth and realized his goal currently teaching World History and working as a part of the WSOI team.

As for his personal life, he collects and reads comic books and absolutely loves superhero movies. His love of comics has been an asset in the classroom by sparking student interest. He enjoys spending time with family and friends and helping his community.