Megan Schemenauer

Language Arts

Megan Schemenauer has been with the corporation since 2016. She graduated from Bob Jones University in 2004 with her Bachelor's in English and from Bethel University's Transition-to-Teaching program in 2016. PHS is where she completed her student teaching, and she loved it so much here that she stayed! She currently teaches English 9 and 11 and serves as the FTA sponsor and a Riverside Drama Club co-director. Outside of school, she loves writing plays and screenplays; reading fiction; traveling to tropical locations with her wonderful husband Steve and her three amazing kids, Madison, Audrey, and Ian; and learning new things! If you ever see her covered in dog hair, it's because she also has three huskies: Sasha, Blaze, and Ajax. If you love dogs too, just offer her a lint roller.