Traci Hilliard

Guidance Secretary

Traci Hilliard has been with the corporation since 2009. She received her bachelor's degree from Indiana University Bloomington in Apparel Merchandising and Marketing. She is married to Scott, a 1982 graduate of Plymouth High School. They have two grown children who are both PHS grads as well. Her pride and joy these days is her new granddaughter, Charlotte, who lives in Florida with her mom and dad, and will show you lots of pictures of her if you ask. Her son, Clay is a graduate student at Bethel University pursuing an MBA in Business Management and Finance and is a member of the Bethel Men's Basketball Team.

Traci began at Lincoln Junior High as a math tutor. She spent 5 years at LJH in a variety of capacities including tutor, classroom math aide, ILA long-term substitute and study hall monitor. She made the move to PHS in 2014 as the Information Literacy Assistant, a role she held for 8 years. She has spent the last year as the Guidance Office Secretary/Registrar. She coached cheerleading for 5 years at LJH and 5 years at PHS. This year she begins her 15th year with PCSC. Traci's passion for interacting with the students and building those relationships is what she loves most about her job. She loves the team environment in the Guidance Office and staff at PHS! #WeAreFamily