Request for Proposal for School Photography

Request for Proposal for School Photography

Request for Proposal for School Photography

For Plymouth Community School Corporation

Submission Due Date: Friday, April 21, 2023

The Plymouth Community School District invites proposals for student and staff

school photography services for an initial three (3) year term for the 2023-24

through the 2025-26 school years with an option for extension of up to two

(2) additional years. All proposals must be received by 3:30 p.m. on Friday, April

21, 2023.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Invitation

The Plymouth Community School Corporation (PCSC) is soliciting proposals from

qualified vendors to provide school pictures and photography services relative to

school-based activities. This RFP covers school pictures and photography services

for all school levels and campuses – elementary( 4), intermediate (1), middle (1)

and high school (1) – as well as the administrative offices of Plymouth Community

School Corporation (1) and the Lincoln Education Center (1). The objective of this

RFP is to appoint one vendor to provide services to all locations within the PCSC

district. Vendors must submit responses that address all school levels.

PCSC will accept proposals delivered in person, by courier, or by USPS to the

PCSC Administrative Office located at 611 Berkley St, Plymouth, In, 46563. The

PCSC Administrative Office is open to the public Monday through Friday

from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. All proposals must be received by 3:30 p.m. on Friday,

April 21st to be considered a responsive proposal. Proposals submitted by fax or

email will be considered non-responsive and will not be accepted.

PCSC reserves the right to allow a submitting vendor to cure any technical defects

with its submission at PCSC's sole discretion. Responsive proposals shall provide

that the terms of the proposal shall be valid for at least1 20 days.

Copies of the RFP are available at: www.plymouth.K12.IN.US

Each proposal shall include costs for school pictures and photography services for

each school level. Proposal evaluations and subsequent contract award will be

based upon the best perceived value to PCSC. Two (2) copies of the

proposal and one (1) signed original document must be submitted in a sealed

envelope clearly marked on the outside with the name, address, contact person,

phone number, and email address for the firm responsible for the proposal.

The envelope must be marked with the following notation:

RFP – School Photography

Documents should be addressed to:

Plymouth Community School Corporation

ATTN: Valerie Moore

611 Berkley St.

Plymouth, IN 46563

Any information provided in a proposal becomes available for public inspection

and distribution as required under Indiana State law. In submitting a responsive

proposal, the submitter represents and warrants that any costs incurred in preparing

its proposal shall be borne by the submitter alone.

This RFP is not a low-bid price competition. Instead, proposals will be evaluated

in accordance with the submitter’s responsiveness to the requirements set forth in

the RFP and is PCSC's sole discretion. Any contract awarded will be based upon

the best perceived value to the Plymouth Community School Corporation.

All proposals will become the property of PCSC at the time of submission.

Questions Regarding the RFP

Vendors interested in making a submittal are directed not to make personal contact

with the superintendent, assistant superintendent, or any member of the PCSC

School Board, or any personnel or employees from each, other than noted below.

Any contact will constitute disqualification of consideration. Questions about the

RFP, its content, proposal format or any other questions deemed necessary to

submit a qualified proposal must be submitted in writing by email to:

[email protected]

Background Information

School pictures and photography services related to school activities within the

schools are required for students and staff at four (4) elementary schools, one (1)

intermediate schools, one (1) middle schools, one (1) high school, one (1)

education center, and one (1) school administrative office locations. The vendor

will work directly with each school for scheduling purposes, including picture

retake dates. The nine (9) locations that will be

served by the vendor are listed below:

• Jefferson Elementary School

• Menominee Elementary School

• Washington Elementary School

• Webster Elementary School

• Riverside Intermediate School

• Lincoln Educational Center

• Lincoln Junior High School

• Plymouth High School

• PCSC Administrative Office

Scope of Services

This RFP is for school pictures and photography services related to school

activities within the Plymouth Community School District. Vendors must be able

to accommodate these minimum requirements:

Elementary, Intermediate and Middle School Campuses:

• Individual portraits – fall

• Class photos (optional, to be

• determined)

• Staff ID photos

High School:

• Individual portraits – spring and fall

• Athletic team portraits

• Senior photo packages

• Graduation photo packages

• Staff ID photos

School Administrative Location:

• Staff ID photos

• School board member photos

Other Information:

Regarding Digital Images Provided to the District:

PCSC requires digital images to be provided for the use of the Information

Technology Department. The specifications for these images are as follows:

• Vendor will be provided a listing with student names and student identification

numbers, along with their campus building, grade level, and homeroom

teacher (where applicable). Photos provided by the vendor to the District for

District use in Information Technology applications are required to be in

JPEG (.jpg) format, with the student identification number used as the file

name, with images to be sorted by the school.

• Vendor will be provided a list of faculty names. Photos provided by the vendor to

the District for District use in Information Technology applications are

required to be in JPEG (.jpg) format, with the faculty member’s name used

as the file name, with images to be sorted by the school.

• Digital images provided to the Information Technology Department can be sent

via download, portal or other media storage device.

• Digital images must be a minimum of 200 x 300 resolution.

• The vendor shall not use, maintain or provide to other persons any student and

parent related information, including name, address, or contact information,

obtained through this request for any purpose other than providing services

directly to the District. Vendor is further prohibited from using District

provided student and parent information for direct marketing of school

photographs or other vendor services to student and parents. These

conditions do not apply to any information provided directly to the vendor

by students and parents in the course of their direct dealing with the vendor.

Vendors may also offer additional photography services in their RFP

submission, and they may also be required to provide additional services as

requested by school administrators.

RFP Submission:

Vendors are requested to provide the following information in their submittal. This

information, except as noted, will be used in the evaluation of the proposals.

Quality of Work:

Sample photograph packages that are of the quality the vendor proposes to provide.

This should include a variety of photographs for the school levels and be arranged

and identified as to the school level.

Standard Picture Packages:

Vendors are to provide information on at least three (3) and up to five (5) of their

standard picture packages for each school level (Elementary, Intermediate, Jr.

High, and Sr. High). Packages must be clearly identified by school level, must

indicate the size and quantity of pictures contained in the package, and must

indicate the current price of the package that will be offered for the 2023-2024

school year.


Vendors must provide a minimum of three (3) references for whom they have

performed similar services within the past five (5) years, or for whom the vendor is

currently performing services. Reference information must include entity name,

contact name, phone number, and contact email address.

Adequate Staffing:

Vendor must provide the number of photographers and assistants who will be

committed to adequately staff the photo-taking process.

Supplemental Information:

Vendors may provide additional information regarding other services provided by

their firm. Supplemental information will not be used in the evaluation of the RFP

responses but may be useful for Plymouth Community School District

administration in determining other services that may be required.

Contract Terms and Conditions:

1. Term – The initial term of the contract for services will be three (3) years and

an option for extension of up to two (2) additional years, commencing with the

opening of the 2023-2024 school year on July 1, 2023.

2. Vendor Employees/Access to Children – It is the vendor’s responsibility to

ensure all the vendor’s employees working in the Plymouth Community School

District have completed a criminal background / child maltreatment check. Staff

must be able to work with school personnel and students in a professional manner.

Violation of this provision shall be grounds for immediate termination. A list of all

employees working with students, as well as any employees handling images or

payments in vendor offices, along with background verification is required within

one month of the first picture day at the District.

3. Confidentiality of Student Records and Information – The vendor will agree

to keep any student information obtained in connection with an agreement with

PCSC confidential except to the extent disclosure may required by the terms of the


4. Security of Personal Information – The vendor will agree to keep any and all

personal information of staff and students, including, but not limited to, names,

addresses, phone numbers, identification numbers, and photographs secure and to

not use any photographs or information obtained in connection with an agreement

for any purposes not consistent with or expressly authorized by the agreement. The

vendor, its agents, or employees are expressly prohibited from republishing,

reprinting, or uploading to any website photographs of staff or students without the

express consent of the Plymouth Community School Corporation or unless

otherwise authorized by agreement with the District.

5. Termination for Performance – The contract may be terminated at any time by

PCSC for unsatisfactory performance. In such case, PCSC shall provide written

notice to the vendor citing the unsatisfactory performance, giving the vendor ten

(10) school days to improve its performance to the satisfaction of the Plymouth

Community School Corporation. In the event that the vendor’s performance does

not improve to the satisfaction of PCSC, the contract for services with the vendor

may be immediately terminated.

6. Termination Options – In the event of a contractual termination, PCSC

reserves the right to employ another vendor to complete the term of this agreement.

The original vendor shall be responsible for any extra expense or damages suffered

by PCSC. In that event, the vendor will be required to indemnify PCSC for any

loss that may be sustained.

7. Evaluation of Proposals – Proposals will be evaluated based upon the

following factors:

• Quality of photographic images, quality of photo paper and finishing.

• Price of the basic package.

• Overall range of prices and options of remaining packages.

• Demonstrated experience in providing school pictures as evidenced by

corporate profiles, positive references, and prior experience with school


• Ability to provide a sufficient number of photographers to meet the

photography schedules set forth by the school administration.

• Overall responsiveness to the terms and conditions set forth herein and to

satisfy the needs of Plymouth Community School Corporation.