PHS Sunshine Society Club Sponsors Cookie Event

PHS Staff passing out cookies to students.

The morning started for Plymouth High School students on Tuesday with free cookies, on the last day of school leading up to the Thanksgiving three-day break. PHS college and career coordinator Kelsey Flynn, who is also a co-sponsor of the PHS Sunshine Society Club, said, “I have gotten stopped by several students to let us know what a great surprise it was and how much they appreciated it!”

The PHS Sunshine Society Club sponsored the surprise cookie event before school and felt like this would be a good way to show PHS students that they are appreciated all year long.

The club’s sponsor Kasey James and her husband Danny coordinated the delivery of close to 60 dozen fresh out of the oven cookies to PHS to make the surprise possible. “Our PHS Sunshine Society strives to create a little sunshine throughout the year by surprising different groups with acts of kindness,” said James. Several teachers volunteered their time by coming in early to pass out cookies.

The purpose of the PHS Sunshine Society is to promote and inspire high ideals for high school girls, to help those in need, and to help make the school and community a better place in which to live. The club is for girls and is a fun and active group. Sunshine Society also sponsors an Ideal Lady Banquet in the spring for senior members to honor their mothers and the women who have played a big role in their lives. Throughout the year, the Sunshine girls enjoy planning and participating in sisterhood events as well as philanthropic activities.