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iPad Friendly 1 Unite

*Unite for Literacy

iPad Friendly 2 Tumble Books

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iPad Friendly 3 My On

School Name: 2014 Digital Learning Day
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iPad Friendly 4 Read Works

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iPad Friendly 5 Wonderopolis

*An answer to a new wonder every day!!!

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*British Columbia Watch & Listen

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Audio Stories

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Magic Keys Children's Online Storybooks

iPad Friendly 10 Classical Poem


iPad Friendly 11 Story Line

iPad Friendly 12 National Geographic

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Requires Flash 1 Learn to Read

Starfall: Learn to Read

Requires Flash 2 Highlights Kids

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Turtle Diary

Story Place

I'm Reading

Starfall: I'm Reading

Requires Flash 6

BBC- CBeebies Storytime

We give books
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