Transportation Requests

Below you will find our current Trip Responsibilities Policy and Procedures. Anyone requesting transportation needs to read and familiarize our policies before any trips are taken.

All trips are required to supply a seating chart - No Exception.

PCSC Student and Staff Transportation

All transportation requests need to be entered into Travel Tracker. Each school has a designated person (usually secretary) that currently has access to enter that information.

All Athletic Transportation needs to be entered by the Athletic Secretary.

If you are requesting access, please follow the below instructions to create your login and password. Anita with Travel Tracker is available if you have any questions with this process.

Staff transportation requests will need to indicate who the designated certified driver will be for the trip. Please see PCSC Driver Certification page for instructions.

NON PCSC Transportation Requests

All non PCSC transportation requests need to be entered into the Google Form for review.

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