Severe Cold Weather Routes for Walkers

When weather conditions are severely cold, temperatures below -10 degrees Fahrenheit, or a windchill factor of -19 degrees below zero Fahrenheit or less, frostbite can occur at 30 minutes of exposure, according to the National Weather Service Windchill Chart.

Plymouth Community School Corporation (PCSC) shall provide an additional route for students in the city limits who walk to school.  PCSC shall make a decision by 6:15 a.m.

Any weather-related delays, cancellations, and other information will be announced on the Plymouth radio stations: WTCA-Plymouth 1050 AM or 98.3 FM. You should also be reached by our SchoolMessenger phone service. If you do not receive a call and wish to be added, please see information on the SchoolMessenger link on this website.

Listed below are the pick up points for WALKING students to catch the Severe Cold Weather Route Bus:

7:12 AM  Carriage Green Apartments
7:17 AM Baker & Fairbanks
7:20 AM Walnut & Novelty
7:22 AM Walnut & Harrison
7:24 AM Walnut & Monroe
7:26 AM Walnut & Washington
7:28 AM Walnut & Lewis
7:30 AM Pierce & Gilmore
7:32 AM Gilmore & Dickson
7:34 AM Pearl & Conger
7:36 AM Thayer & Nursery
7:38 AM Miner & Ewing
7:40 AM Bayless & Charles
7:42 AM Liberty & Pennsylvania