Mrs. Barr Retires from Webster

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Loretta Barr Retires from PCSC
After 21 Years of Service

Loretta Barr took pride and enthusiasm in keeping both Lincoln Jr. High School and Webster Elementary School clean and orderly for years. In 1998 Barr was hired as a custodial staff member who held a split shift between the two buildings. For the close to the last 10 years of her career at Plymouth schools, she held the position of second shift custodian. Barr officially retired at the beginning of the 2019-20 school year on August 8.

“Loretta Barr has been a wonderful co-worker. Loretta was the 2nd shift custodian at Webster when I taught there. I would often work late, so I enjoyed our conversations and getting to know her. I also taught her grandson, Jonathon. I wish her the best in her future endeavors”, said Menominee Elementary School Case Conference Chairperson Jodi Eveland.

Barr is enjoying time with her husband Kenneth in Plymouth, and spending more time with their extended family. Together they have two children; Kenneth, who lives in Texas with his two daughters, Allison and Sammotha. The Barr’s daughter, Kristine Hedger, lives in Plymouth with her two sons, Jonathon and Zachary.

Webster Elementary School - Custodian Loreeta Barr with photo and Webster train logo